The Responsible Gambling Affiliate Association (RGAA) has recently introduced its new membership program, marking yet another major milestone for responsible activities in the gaming sector.

According to Max Bichsel, Chair of the RGAA, the introduction of the membership program is a significant milestone for the organization as it works to lobby for fair regulation in the sector and engage in activities that encourage responsible gambling behaviors. He emphasized that with each addition to its affiliate base, the association strengthens its commitment to prioritizing integrity and consumer protection within the sector.

How It Will Work

Inviting new affiliates to join the RGAA’s ranks is one way the organization plans to increase its influence and effect in the sports betting and gaming promotion sectors, where it fights for honesty and consumer safety. And there is more to it.

In addition to receiving regulatory updates, instructional materials, and tools to help their companies, new members of the association can look forward to the benefits of collective representation within the sector.

One of the requirements of becoming a member of the RGAA is to be subject to an audit for compliance and responsible gambling once a year. In return, members will be recognized for their dedication to responsible gambling advertising and marketing practices with the RGAA Standards of Excellence accreditation.

High Optimism

Potential members were given the chance to learn about the RGAA’s purpose and membership requirements during a May 9 networking event that was hosted at the SBC Summit North America.

Even before the event, the program was already gaining some traction. Most notably, Rasmus Sojmark, CEO and Founder of SBC Gaming expressed optimism about the partnership with the RGAA, predicting that it would elevate summit debates on both responsible gaming and player safety in the very dynamic sector.

Another RGAA board member and CEO of Better Collective in North America, Marc Pedersen, also highlighted the organization’s common dedication to player safety. This is a big deal because Better Collective has been around for over twenty years and so it is in a good position to help the association achieve its goals.

The original members of the group include XLMedia, Group, Better Collective, Catena Media, oddschecker Global Media, and Spotlight Sports Group. But that may all be about to change given recent developments. As the organization seeks to improve safer gaming standards and safeguard gamers, there are high hopes that an increasing number of new members will want to join.