The dates for this year’s European Safer Gambling Week have been officially released by the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA). Scheduled for November 18–24, 2024, the occasion seeks to encourage safer gaming habits across the continent.

The purpose of European Safer Gambling Week, an annual event, is to bring attention to the significance of responsible gambling and encourage everyone to participate. Operators, regulators, support groups, and seasoned specialists are among the many groups represented at this EGBA-sponsored seminar, which strives to address player protection measures.

A Strong Foundation

Building on the achievements of earlier iterations, the program has seen tremendous expansion now that it is in its fourth year. This year’s event will include several educational sessions and a strong social media campaign. The association’s goal with these efforts is to promote safer gambling by highlighting effective practices, sharing important resources, and encouraging conversations about recent research and legislative changes.

“The initiative is an important part of EGBA’s commitment to raising awareness about safer gambling and fostering a strong culture of player protection in Europe. This year, we aim to reach even more Europeans with safer gambling tips and messages and bring together a diverse range of stakeholders for a week full of meaningful discussions about the future of player protection.”

Maarten Haijer, Secretary General of EGBA

Haijer also urged the industry to support the event, saying that it is everyone’s duty to promote safer gaming and that they want operators and other stakeholders to join them in endorsing this crucial effort. In short, we can all raise the bar when we work together.

European Safer Gaming Week 2024 is expected to be a pivotal occasion for the sector by encouraging cooperation and emphasizing the value of responsible gaming behaviors. Organizations or businesses interested in participating can sign up to receive updates and information on how to get involved in this Europe-wide awareness campaign.

More on EGBA

Within the European Union, the EGBA is a notable trade group. It is based in Brussels and represents the most reputable online gaming providers. Among the prominent members of the organization are bet365, Betsson Group, Entain, Evoke, Flutter, and Kindred Group. Aircash is also an associate member.

EGBA works with relevant national and EU agencies and other interested parties to provide a safe and regulated environment for online gamblers. All 267 EGBA members are fully licensed online gaming businesses serving 31.2 million clients in 22 different European countries, all of whom comply with the strictest regulatory requirements.