Month: February 2020

Yggdrasil Becomes Latest Company to Join SPER

The Swedish Gambling Association, otherwise referred to as SPER, has recently welcomed a new member to its ranks. Yggdrasil, the new member, is one of the industry’s leading provider of casino gaming content and solutions providers. It is best known for its unique and forward-thinking approach with the products and solutions it offers. With this, they have been able to deliver some of the best gambling experiences on the planet. As a new member of the Swedish Gambling Association (SPER), Yggdrasil will be doubling down on its bid to foster and promote a “healthy, safe, and sustainable gambling environment”...

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Irish Political Parties Push for Gambling Reforms

With the Irish general election barely a week away, political parties in the country have ramped up their efforts to get in the good books of the voters. One of the biggest promised that have been made by members of the major political parties in the country includes major reforms to the Irish gambling industry. Fine Gael’s Manifesto To begin with, in its manifesto, Fine Gael which is the current governing political party in the country said that it has plans to establish an independent gambling regulator in order to address gambling issues. These issues range from cases of...

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