The Swedish Gambling Association, otherwise referred to as SPER, has recently welcomed a new member to its ranks. Yggdrasil, the new member, is one of the industry’s leading provider of casino gaming content and solutions providers. It is best known for its unique and forward-thinking approach with the products and solutions it offers. With this, they have been able to deliver some of the best gambling experiences on the planet.

As a new member of the Swedish Gambling Association (SPER), Yggdrasil will be doubling down on its bid to foster and promote a “healthy, safe, and sustainable gambling environment” in the country. Needless to say, the Swedish gambling market is just a little over a year old which makes such initiatives extremely important. Since it is a growing market, the early implementation of responsible gambling measures will certainly go a long way in keeping things from getting out of hand with regards to cases of gambling-related harm.

“As an industry leader, we always strive to act in a responsible manner, and industry collaboration is needed to achieve the highest standards to ensure players are protected. Social responsibility is an important part of our work at Yggdrasil and by joining SPER we are committing to ensuring that the Swedish gambling market is both safe and sustainable,” Fredrik Elmqvist, the chief executive officer of Yggdrasil commented.

Like the other members of SPER, Yggdrasil is now obligated to follow all of the responsible gambling and marketing guidelines that have been laid out by the gambling commission. One of the most notable highlights of this development is the fact that the gaming solutions provider has pledged to a code of ethics that is designed to ensure that gambling companies put the welfare and protection of their customers in the frontlines of their operations.

More On SPER

The gambling commission was of course set to be a natural component of the country’s gambling industry which underwent a bit of reorganization in early 2019. SPER was founded way back in 2002 by ATG, Svenska Spel and Folkspel which were the only three operators that were authorized to offer gaming services in the country.

With the reorganization of the Swedish gambling industry, many more companies were able to venture into that market. These operators have since joined the trade body and more members are added on quite a regular basis. As it stands, the trade body boasts of up to 20 new members all of whom are committed to operating responsibly and promoting responsible gambling behavior on their sites.