Month: October 2019

Facebook Reveals That Minors Are Interested’ in Gambling

Facebook recently conducted an investigation into the usage of its advertising tools and according to a recent report from the company, over 1.5 million underage users were flagged for reportedly having interests in gambling and alcohol. According to the company’s report, its advertising tool found that more than 700,000 minors (children under the age of 18) were interested in gambling. Nearly everyone who keeps tabs on the inner workings of the tech world is aware that social media platforms such as Facebook are notorious for flagging user interest for the purposes of targeted advertising. However, as it turns out,...

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GVC Launches Foundation to Support Corporate Social Responsibility

On September 30, renowned global sports betting and gaming operator GVC Holding launched the GVC Foundation in a bid to bolster its efforts towards fostering corporate social responsibility (CSR). The new initiative is expected to expand the company’s global social responsibilities and one of the ways through which it will achieve this is by collaborating with regulatory bodies. The collaboration is set to assist in the implementation of research on addiction as well as outreach programs regarding problem gambling that will be aimed primarily at the youth. The GVC foundation will be dealing with several vital aspects of the...

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