Month: January 2018

Britain Is Putting a New Limit to Terminal Stakes to Two Pounds

Gambling can be fun but it can also be addictive and be problematic. For this reason, the stake on gambling machines in British betting shops has been significantly reduced to just £2 to £50 according to reports. The government already made an announcement in October that it would reduce the top stake on machines. From £100, it has been reduced to £2 to £50, which was the limit that was agreed upon during the consultation last Tuesday. During the consultation, Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sports mentioned that the aim of this measure is to bring down the...

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Ireland Could Enforce New Gambling Laws Before the End of the Year

Ireland’s minister of state at the Department of Justice and Equality, David Stanton, recently provided details of plans to make amendments to the country’s gambling laws. The reforms that have been proposed are expected to streamline existing fragmented and long-established gambling laws that are currently being implemented in Ireland. According to Dubin-based gambling law expert Dermot McGir, the reforms further seek to establish a new licensing scheme. This is not, however, the first time that there are plans to update the Irish gambling legislations – reforms have been proposed to amend the laws for quite a number of years...

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New Money Gaming Act Being Contested by Swiss Youth Parties

According to the Swiss Digital Society, Switzerland’s newly approved gambling law is facing a lot of heat with its opponents having garnered just enough valid signatures to initiate a referendum. Swiss laws allow the citizens of the country to contest any bill with a referendum as long as they can manage to gather at least 50,000 valid signatures. The necessary 50,000 signatures to initiate the referendum will be submitted on Thursday, January 18th – the Swiss Digital Society only collected a fraction of the signatures with the majority being gathered by youth organizations of four Swiss parties – they...

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