Renowned FinTech company Sightline Payments has been very aggressive in its quest to make its services much safer for its users. The company which is best known for its specialization in digital payments solutions for sportsbooks and casino operators has built up quite a reputation as a go-to service provider. Now, it is doubling down on its plans for the same.

Just a couple of days ago, Sightline Payments made announced that it has partnered with the  American Gaming Association’s (AGA) Have A Game Plan.® Bet Responsibly.™ campaign and Conscious Gaming’s PlayPause multi-jurisdictional self-exclusion technology. These are monumental developments that are expected to steer the company in a totally new direction in terms of its plans to affirm its leadership when it comes to responsible gaming.

Both of the partnerships are motivated by the company’s commitment and dedication to promoting and enhancing responsible gambling, something that it has in common with its new partners. As such, this is not only a big win for the partners but also represents great things to come for customers especially those that have concerns about unhealthy gambling habits.

“As the payments leader in the gaming industry, ensuring patrons can responsibly fund their entertainment is at the core of our business. Our partnerships with the AGA and Conscious Gaming further highlight our commitment and support to provide our customers with the most safe, secure, and responsible gaming solutions,” said Joe Pappano, CEO of Sightline Payments.

Already, the move has sent ripples across the industry which goes to show just how big of a deal responsible gambling is.

Taking Action

For its partnership with the AGA’s public service campaign, Sightline Payments will be showing its support by including all the necessary responsible gambling information in all its new account sign-ups. It will also have related vital details on its website to always remind its users to “Fund Your Fun, Then Be Done. Bet Responsibly.” With over 1.5 million patrons using the platform, the reach of the new campaign will be very wide which will, in turn, result in some very far-reaching impacts.

On a similar note, Sightline Payment’s commitment to Conscious Gaming’s PlayPause technology will allow the latter to educate and help their customers with all things responsible gambling. As always, one of the most critical steps in gambling is account funding and thus having necessary responsible gambling interventions as early as that will be very important to achieving set goals.

Sightline also has other partnerships that are expected to contribute to the success of its responsible gambling drive.