The drive to educate gamers about responsible gambling is now more serious than ever before. Now, it is not just regulators and responsible gambling campaigners that are going out of their way to ensure that customers stay in control. Gaming operators are now actively involved and Entain is one of the companies that is leading the way in that regard.

Known for being one of the top sports betting and gambling operators on the planet, Entain is working hard to ensure that its customers are protected. The company has recently partnered with McLaren Racing the “Party Responsibly” initiative which is all about getting the word out on the importance of gambling responsibly.

McLaren Racing is a great partner for Entain especially considering the symbolic nature of the decision. Staying in control when gambling can easily be likened to staying in control when behind the wheels of an F1 car. It seems like a rather bizarre comparison but the keyword here is control. To make it easier to comprehend, the campaign features a mini-film titled “Time to Pit”. The film stars McLaren F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo and involves him speaking on the importance of considering limits and remaining in control.

“We believe there are lots to learn from the importance McLaren and Daniel attach to managing risk and staying in control. That is why we think Party Responsibly is a great way to use the partnership to promote safer betting and gaming, to ensure our players respect their limits and enjoy a great entertainment experience with us.”

Grainne Hurst, director of corporate affairs at Entain, commented.

Entain also announced, an internet hub that will help in pushing the campaign. The hub will let players check their levels of control and access responsible gaming resources.

The Company’s Responsible Gambling Mobile App

Aside from its partnership with McLaren, Entain has also been pursuing some responsible gambling developments in the United States. Its most recent achievement in this regard is the launch of a new responsible gambling app known as “Gamble Responsibly America”. The app which was co-developed with Epic Risk Management and RG24/7 is available to both iOS and Android users.

Gamble Responsibly America offers a ton of responsible gambling info as well as a self-assessment tool that will help users to evaluate their gambling activities. There is also a gambling diary that will help its users to keep track of their gambling habits and identify potentially harmful gambling behavior.

While it is the first app of its kind, Entain is very ambitious about what it can achieve with it. It certainly fits quite well within the company’s plans to promote a safe gaming environment on all its platforms.