Renowned online gaming operator ComeOn has been working with data specialist neccton to develop a new machine learning-powered and AI-based tool that will help its users to steer clear of gambling-related harm. The new and advanced responsible gambling tool is at its core a tracking and personalized feedback & communication system that makes use of the latest technology to detect changes in player behavior, risk pattern as well as other signs of problem gambling. With that information, the tool can then give user-friendly feedback to the players and the staff that are tasked with monitoring player activity.

The AI tool has been developed in collaboration with psychology experts and academics. In addition to that, the communication done by the tool is based on the principles of Motivational Interviewing – this is a method that is widely recognized and supported due to its effectiveness in eliciting change in problem gambling behavior.

“At ComeOn, we are convinced that gaming services can be delivered in a safe and sustainable way. Providing the right conditions and incentives for players to gamble responsibly is part of how we take care of our customers and ensure the safe and high-quality service we want to offer them,” Helena Berg, the Responsible Gaming Manager at ComeOn stated.

Dr. Michael Auer, the director of neccton also commented on the new tool saying that it is a state-of-the-art communication solution that is not only based on psychological research but is also facilitated by AI algorithms and Big Data technology.

AI and Responsible Gambling

With the increased accessibility of online gambling services, more people are now at risk of developing gambling-related problems especially if they are not kept in check in cases where they are not able to self-regulate. Today, self-exclusion and responsible gambling are hugely discussed topics in the gambling industry. A number of solutions have been proposed and they have had varying degrees of success. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are among the solutions that have been proposed and, needless to say, they are among the most interesting ones.

With online gambling companies now under increasing scrutiny from regulators, delivering safe and positive gambling experiences to users is high on the priority list. Already AI has proven that it is capable of bridging the gaps that have been created by human limitations when it comes to intervening in matters related to early detection of problem gambling. The breakthrough in this regard is the ability to monitor thousands of players and since the technology is backed by psychological studies, it is pretty accurate at its job. And that is just the beginning. It is about to get even better.