Caesars Windsor has received the high honors of responsible gambling, making it one of the most reliable operators out there. This distinction is bestowed upon casinos which have been continually trying to uphold the best practices in the industry and serve as example to others.

Caesars Windsor have earned the distinction by initiating several programs that focus problem gamblers and seek to aid already diagnosed ones. The RG Check is an initiative that focuses on aiding and prevent gambling addiction. It has been elaborated by the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC).

Not only that, but Caesars Windsor’s hallmark of excellence is not a random thing. The operator was the world’s first to earn a distinction in 2002, manifesting the operator’s commitment to good gambling practices.

According to the company, Caesars offer the best possible entertainment value while fully complying with the prerequisite social checks. Caesars Entertainment Regional President Kevin Laforet has said: “Being the first globally to achieve RG Check and maintain accreditation demonstrates our commitment to responsible gambling. RG Check aligns with our overall continuous improvement goals, providing us an objective means to assess the effectiveness of our existing, in-house RG program.”

A Future of RG Check

While the ceremonies have come with glitz and glamor, almost to the point where one wonder how efficient the program actually is, RG Check has been getting things done. It’s thanks to RG Check that the expertise of Caesars in analyzing the best social practices has increased multiple-fold.

The programs does what you would expect from a good social responsibility product – it helps the casino spot behavioral problems among patrons and then extends help in a manner that’s not intrusive or restrictive, which are two of the counter-productive ways to approach a problem gambler.

Apart from touting its efficiency, the RG Check program is subject to third-party auditioning which means that Caesars cannot grow overcomplacent with the program. Put simply, the need for independent certification is one of the paramount features of upholding both the program and the good name of the casino.

Tasked with the Boulder

And it’s of course the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) that has to clear all the hurdles that come along with establishing safety practices in online gambling.

RGC is also tasked with assessing the efficiency of the RG Check program and issuing new accreditation when the review time comes. To this end, RGC remains committed utilizing the best practices in the industry in order to divulge the practices that are pernicious and push vulnerable people into reckless gambling.

The Council has reiterated on several occasions that it was pleased to work with Caesar Windsor on their anti-addiction program, which has also been a role-model for the rest of the industry.

Other operators have also been distinguished for their role in running socially safe gambling venues, including MGM Resorts – the global behemoth with expansion appetites well across the world. Similar sentiments have been expressed by fellow operators.

Now that the US market is finally opening up, more players will have to be cognizant of both the dangers and boons of gambling.