Known for its steadfast commitment to promoting responsible gambling, MGM Resorts International made significant progress at the end of 2023. With a generous contribution of $360,000, the firm has committed to funding two extensive two-year initiatives at the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG). These programs are designed to investigate, avoid, and handle the problems that come with gambling.

The contribution will make it possible to broaden the scope of training programs that are aimed at medical professionals, researchers, operators, regulators, and politicians. There will be a focus on responsible gaming solutions throughout the industry as part of this initiative’s objective of raising awareness and understanding of problem gambling.

Recognizing the significance of the research efforts, ICRG President Arthur Paikowsky expressed his gratitude for MGM Resorts’ funding. As an important element of the gaming industry’s duty, he emphasized the study’s emphasis on examining how gender affects gambling problems and fixing the health dangers faced by casino workers.

Strengthening Existing Mechanisms

Concurrently, MGM Resorts has taken the initiative and further developed its responsible gaming program, Game Sense. This program began in 2017 as a joint venture between the business and the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC).

The program’s goal is to encourage honest and open communication between the business and its customers on responsible gaming. Looking forward to the next year, MGM Resorts intends to open up this initiative to other operators so they may take advantage of its proactive approach to responsible gaming.

Every one of MGM’s over sixty thousand workers will get in-depth training on the ins and outs of responsible gambling, including the advantages and disadvantages, as part of the company’s continued dedication to the issue.

Reiterating the crucial nature of these undertakings was Stephen Martino, the Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer of MGM Resorts. He stressed their importance for the industry’s future and the well-being of all parties involved, which is in line with MGM Resorts’ commitment to creating a responsible gaming atmosphere.

About ICRG

Since its inception in 1996, the International Commission on Responsible Gambling (ICRG) has played a key role in providing funds for and overseeing substantial research on a range of gambling-related topics over the last 27 years. The organization’s research is published in prestigious scientific publications regularly, providing valuable insights into the intricacies of gambling practices and how to reduce the hazards connected with them.

In its bid to expand knowledge and initiatives, the ICRG looks forward to collaborating with major operators, including the American Gaming Association (AGA) through its “Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly.” program. MGM Resorts and BetMGM have already committed their support to this initiative, signaling a unified industry effort towards responsible gaming.