Responsible gambling is gaining traction in the United Kingdom and its importance seems to be even more pronounced now that authorities are looking into ways to hike the taxes and put a crack on Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs).

Crystal Palace Endorses Responsible Gambling Practices

With the Responsible Gambling Week upon us, Crystal Palace are rallying their support for the industry’s largest evet dedicated to teaching gamers how to assume safe practices when pursuing wagering and gambling.

This is a flagship meeting that runs from November 1 through November 7, focusing on how the practices of responsible gambling work and also cautioning against the risks of indulging into reckless gambling.

A number of charities will be showing up, with familiar names to the fore, including GambleAware, GamCare, and Young Gamblers Education Trust.

In light of these companies, it’s worth mentioning that gambling advertisement in the United Kingdom is readily accessible to everyone, although regulations are staving off dangerous ads that may lead people who are not yet of the legal age to gamble.

One of the sporting organizations to embrace the segment is FC Crystal Palace who will be present at Responsible Gambling Week and also aired messages during their game with Arsenal, on Sunday, October 28.

As a Premier League club, we recognise our responsibility to help promote safe and responsible gambling.

Crystal Palace Commercial Director spoke to Barry Webber spoke to representatives of the media saying that the club was focused on upholding the best practices in the industry.

Crystal Palace’s Pioneering Partnerships

Crystal Palace has also been one of the first, if not the first, club in the English Premier Club to actually tie up a partnership with GambleAware and put specific efforts into trying to raise awareness about the practice known as responsible gambling.

The club has also focused on as large an audience as it possibly can, Webber confirmed. Similar sentiment was expressed by T-shirt making company and Crystal Palace supplier ManBetX.

Director Jon Collins said that the manufacturer welcomed the initiative and was prepared to aid young people to find out about the safest gambling practices.

Mr. Collins noted that as the official T-shirt suppliers for Crystal Palace they also feel responsible for the messages they put down and promote to viewers and fans.

Meanwhile, GambleAware has been revving up its efforts in bolstering gambling harm prevention. In a new partnership minted in September, the company allocated £1.5 million in supporting a two-year campaign that will help educate debt advisers understand how to aid their clients and prevent any gambling-related ham.

The initiative coincides with the stated goals of the Responsible Gambling Week and it’s focusing on at least nine regions across England and Wales. With the aid of gaming experts, front-line debt advisers will be able to spot the first stages of gambling addiction and quickly offer specific help that will prevent further damage.

With the gambling week upon us and organizations making a conscientious effort to rein in the dangers of it, the risk of the activity will hopefully be reduced yet another year.