The Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority of New South Wales (ILGA) plans to shake things up by enforcing a midnight shutdown of poker machine locations. What is their end goal? To attack the issue of problem gambling head-on and revitalize the gaming industry with a fresh infusion of optimism and entertainment.

The Liberal and Nationals-led government in New South Wales increased its scrutiny of poker machines earlier this year. They proposed implementing a cashless system and putting more limits on the machines. Over the following five years, they also intended to repurchase 2,000 slot machines. These approaches attempted to achieve a compromise between the need for fun and the need for safe gambling behaviour.

Building on this momentum, ILGA now proposes a groundbreaking crackdown on all slot machines after midnight. The move was taken in response to studies that found a direct correlation between late-night slot gaming and compulsive gambling. The ILGA is prepared to step up to the challenge and make a meaningful contribution.

More Detail on the Study

The Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM) Late Night Play on EGM Player Behaviors research at the heart of this change received funding from the Responsible Gambling Fund of the New South Wales Government and was sponsored by Liquor & Gaming NSW. The study’s objective was to determine whether restricting access to gaming establishments during off-hours would mitigate the negative effects of gambling. Insightful outcomes emerged.

The study found that those who play slots late at night are at a greater risk of developing a gambling addiction. It showed that between the hours of 2 and 8 a.m., most people who gambled at poker machine establishments had serious unfavourable outcomes associated with problem gambling. ILGA is dedicated to meeting its legislative commitment to reduce gaming-related damage, and it plans to do so by taking into account these results.

The Steps

Already, the ILGA has taken measures to safeguard players and lessen the negative effects of gambling. A powerful tool, Guideline 16 aids gambling establishments in reducing harm and encouraging responsible behaviour after midnight. More licensing requirements have been placed on gaming applications to further reduce danger. For instance, apps that facilitate gambling must have a gambling Plan of Management in place, which must include preventative measures.

Under ILGA’s capable direction, gamblers may expect to participate in an exciting and lawful activity. They are making adjustments so gamers can experience the thrill without getting lost. They are reshaping the game to ensure players enjoy the excitement without losing their way.