Australia’s Tabcorp has joined forces with Mindway AI, a Danish software firm that focuses on providing support services for the iGaming business. By using cutting-edge AI technology, the alliance intends to improve Tabcorp’s already-extensive responsible gaming offerings.

This is a huge step forward for Tabcorp, which conducts its business via a variety of channels, including retail and online. The company’s objective is that by forming a partnership with Mindway AI, it would be able to increase its capacity to recognize and prevent dangerous gambling behavior and profit from cutting-edge technology.

The company will benefit from the experience of Mindway AI, which will provide the company with a new suite of tools for responsible gambling. These technologies are geared at ensuring the safety of Tabcorp’s consumers. It will also be able to detect prospective problem gamblers at an earlier level than ever before with the use of software with the use of the same AI technology.

This arrangement is Mindway AI’s first of its kind with an Australian gaming firm. This comes at a time when the business is being subjected to a heightened level of scrutiny, and there is an increasing need for responsible gaming practices.

High Hopes

Tabcorp’s chief operating officer, Jenni Barnett, has spoken enthusiastically about the partnership, calling it a “key step” in the company’s dedication to caring for consumers and guaranteeing a positive experience. She hopes that by working together, they would be able to see potentially problematic behavior early on and take preventative actions to aid their consumers.

Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO of Mindway AI, reiterated Barnett’s comments, noting that the partnership represented an exciting opportunity for the company’s international expansion plans. He also spoke highly of Tabcorp as a partner, noting his optimism that the two organizations might work together to improve player safety at Tabcorp.

Mindway AI’s Advanced Solutions

Mindway AI’s customer service software has already been deployed in 20 countries, and it boasts 6.5 million monthly active users across the globe. As Tabcorp works to develop more responsible gambling policies and procedures, the reputation and expertise of this company make it an invaluable business partner for the company.

Gambling is a hobby that should be safe and enjoyable, and as long as the industry continues to develop in this direction, partnerships such as this will play an essential part in ensuring that this is the case.