The National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) are set to discuss a number of issues relating to responsible gambling practices and policies during the forthcoming Winter Meeting. This meeting will be held between January 10 and January 12 next year at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina. As of this writing, a total of 35 expert speakers have been announced for the two-day event. Still, more are expected to join in as registration is still open for both lawmakers from all states in the country as well as members of the public.

According to NCLGS President-elect Keith Pickard, who also happens to be a Nevada State Senator, the inclusion of so many expert speakers marks a huge milestone for gaming in the United States. He believes that the meeting will play a monumental role in assisting the lawmakers, regulators as well as other industry stakeholders in understanding the dynamics of the gaming landscape in the country.

“The lineup of speakers and panelists this year is unprecedented in quality and scope. I can hardly wait for this conference to start,” Pickard commented.

While the lineup of speakers is definitely amazing, to say the least, it goes without saying that the NCLGS has been relentless in its pursuit of a safer gaming environment for all. In fact, it is currently the only body whose members include lawmakers who meet on a regular basis to review the ongoings of US gaming.

It has massive support from both sides of the gaming divide particularly because of its rather neutral stance. That is, the company does not promote gambling and neither does it oppose the activity. Instead, it is always focused on regulatory measures as well as the social and economic impacts that the industry has on various states.

What Is to Be Discussed?

The forthcoming Winter Meeting will be looking into a number of critical issues most of which have cropped due to the recent rejuvenation of various gambling sectors that has subsequently led to massive growth. Some of the things that they will be looking keenly into include the rapid growth of sports betting, regulation, law enforcement, economic growth, and security concerns relating to gambling platforms.

The first day of the Meeting will see the Committee on Responsible Gaming sit down with experts in the field. On January 11, the Responsible Gambling Collaborative will give recommendations on new principles that are meant to advance the responsible gambling gender. On January 12, the last day the discussion on responsible gambling will continue but with major emphasis on sports betting.