This year, the Safer Gambling Week runs from November 1 to November 7. As always, several new things came up to support the efforts towards creating a safer gaming environment for everyone. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing highlights that we have seen so far.

Microgaming Broadens Its Support for Responsible Gambling

Renowned gaming solutions developer, provider, and supplier Microgaming has reaffirmed its commitment to pushing for safer and fair gambling environments. To achieve this, the company, through its Microgaming PlayItForward programme, has expanded the scope of its support further. The programme will, going forward, be supporting more responsible gambling charities. That support will go towards treating, minimizing, and preventing gambling-related harm wherever possible.

“We are proudly standing in solidarity with all areas of our industry to support the Safer Gambling Week initiative, with a calendar of events to promote the Responsible Gambling message across our business.”

John Coleman, CEO at Microgaming.

Some of the organizations that Microgaming PlayItForward is supporting include Betknowmore UK and the Gordon Mood Associations. The former offers gambling support and training services across the UK while the latter deals in the treatment of victims of gambling-related harm.

Better Collective Unveils Problem Gambling Detection Tool

Better Collective is also contributing to the fight against gambling-related harm with the launch of Gamalyze. This is a self-assessment tool from Mindway AI that will be going live across all the company’s sports betting media brands.

As its name hints, Gamalyze is a gamified tool. It is essentially a virtual card game that users of Better Collective’s sites will have access to. Players try to maximize their wins and as they do so, special neuroscientific principle-backed algorithms will analyze their gameplay and decision-making.

This analysis will then deliver deep and valuable insights on player gambling behavior. That way, the company will be able to give its users more control of how they play. The goal is to ensure that gambling remains fun and entertaining instead of veering off its potentially harmful habits.

NFL Launches Multi-Million Dollar Responsible Gambling Campaign

While this is not entirely related to the Responsible Gambling Week, the NFL has also committed to contributing to promoting responsible gambling. This is being done through a $6.2 million responsible gambling campaign that will run for three years. In that time, some of the planned activities include in-game messaging, social media outreach, broadcast, print, and in-stadium messaging.

Needless to say, the NFL has a lot of influence. Its powerful voice will go a long way in making the sports betting industry much better for both consumers, players, and even the operators.