Business has a stake in making sure that all its operations meet social responsibility checks. This applies for every segment imaginable out there, and you will be hard pressed to find an industry where integrity is more sorely needed than in iGaming. Silverfish CSR is now bringing a new tool, which, the company believes, may help the industry to find its much needed integrity boost.

The Do-Gooders from Silverfish

Silverfish CSR is a big name in the iGaming industry. With an established reputation for upholding all responsibility checks, Silverfish has recently introduced a new platform that has already undergone extensive stress-testing across three continents. Applicable to lotteries, the new technological solution will help companies sort out all of their social responsibility obligations.

Key to the success of Silverfish is that its solutions always work in two ways. First, it focuses on maximizing profitability for business. And second, the company makes it absolutely clear that the main focus of its activities remains the safety and security of the customers and users. is a cloud-based solution that allows businesses to carefully plan ahead while deploying state-of-the-art tools and solutions intended to help executives monitor how their operations are unfolding. Digital is also useful insofar as it can clear and quick assessment of an iGaming company’s operations, testing against the industry’s benchmarks and checking whether an operator’s offer complies with the adopted industry standards.

This is helpful as it allows companies to reliably determine how likely they are to pass a certification process and can save them time at the drawing board instead of pushing ahead with an ill-considered plan, failing and then wasting time and effort again.

All Systems Go!


Launched on Thursday, the software is now undergoing another round of stress testing. Silverfish is cognizant of the challenges the industry is now experiencing. Responsible gambling has become a byword for success to all operators.

There has been a very palpable increase in the demands that regulators have been putting on operators. The industry has focused on responsibility and accountability, indeed. While some companies would rather argue that it’s ultimately up to the gamer to decide when to stop, a growing number of businesses have changed their tune to reflect the stance of more concerned individuals.

The UK Gambling Commission has been calling for operators to step up their game and land all the necessary support to the regulators in order to uproot the bane of gambling addiction – an ever-present danger in the industry.

Silverfish’s DigitalRG is about to do just that. It will give business the power to conduct its operations safely and securely without risk of incurring the rage of higher authorities and while allowing customers to benefit from a tested type of play.

The boons for business in general will be excellent. By eliminating the threat of prosecution and helping people who are vulnerable to addiction spend moderately, Silverfish may become the world’s go-to solution for anyone who wants to kickstart or streamline their iGaming business and play it completely by the rules.