Responsible gambling efforts in the United States have recently gotten a big boost thanks to the recent debut of the second edition of the Gamble Responsibly America app. Designed by Entain Foundation United States, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible gambling, the update brings a host of features and includes more resources to help people gamble safely.

Gamble Responsibly America is the first mobile of its kind. While similar initiatives have been floated around, it is the only one that has managed to deliver on its promise. Users of the app can access a solid range of tools, assistance as well as valuable advice that could change the course of their gambling activities. These have been vital in the fight against gambling-related harm in the United States.

What’s New?

The updated version of the app doubles down on its great features while at the same bringing more innovative additions to the users. All these are now available in multiple languages including English, Cantonese, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

“This second edition of Gamble Responsibly America underscores the helpful resources of the first edition, with more tools, more educational information, additional languages and more resources that are available anytime and anywhere.”

Martin Lycka, Entain Senior Vice President for American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling, and Trustee of the Entain Foundation U.S.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the update will be the deeper focus on tools and educational information. The tools included in the app have been improved to ensure that the gamers can quickly and easily find help and support when they need it. As for the educational features, Entain Foundation US has packed it with valuable discussions revolving around gambling behavior that may indicate a problem.

It goes further by answering the most frequently asked questions. The informative videos included on the app also go a long way in educating users about gambling and gambling-related harm.

Users will be able to opt into the self-assessment offering on Gamble Responsibly America This feature allows for such things as daily gambling diaries to track user progress. In case of queries or concerns, the app’s live chat feature is available. A massive range of support services and organizations are also just a tap of a button away.

What’s the Catch?

Entain Foundation US is funded by Entain, the global sports betting, gaming, and interactive entertainment group. This might raise some eyebrows but there is no cause for alarm. The app which can be found in the App Store and the Google Play Store does not give its owners any commercial benefit to the best of our knowledge. The non-profit has confirmed this as well.