The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has been working very hard to ensure that gamers are totally protected from any gambling-related harm. Recently, the association has unveiled a new code of conduct that is aimed at tightening the controls for advertising for online gambling services. Thankfully, it has been receiving a lot of support from gaming authorities and related or associated organizations. Its newest supporter is egta, the European Associations for TV and radio sales houses.

The egta has not only affirmed its support for the new code of conduct but it has always agreed to endorse it. That said, it will be promoting the new directive to its members who will, hopefully, go along with it. After all, it is designed to benefit everyone.

The First of Its Kind

It is worth noting that the new EGBA code of conduct is the very first pan-European initiative for gambling advertising. This makes it a pretty big deal especially considering the fact that it covers a lot of things including the responsible standards for advertising for the European iGaming industry. Moreover, it introduces several vital consumer protection measures that encompass such things as minor protection as well as responsible advertising on traditional media and on social media.

“Advertising is essential to inform the consumer of the websites which are regulated and steer them away from rogue black-market websites. But advertising is how the gambling sector is visible to the outside world and it should be responsible and protect consumers, particularly minors. We welcome egta’s support for the code, the engagement of the media sector is extremely valuable for the success of this initiative and we look forward to liaising with egta members to promote the code further.”

Maarten Haijer, the Secretary-General (EGBA).

The new code of conduct will apply to any existing members of the EGBA and to any company that will come on board in the future. A third-party, and not the EGBA, will, however, be responsible for overseeing the application of the code of conduct.

Support from Other Organizations

The egta is not the only association that has openly shown that it is in support of the new EGBA code of conduct. Dutch-based online gambling association Speel Verantwoord is also supporting the new guidelines. Also joining it to support the code of conduct is APAJO, the Portuguese gambling association.

With that much support, it is safe to say that the EGBA got a lot of things right, and given the thoughtful design of the new code of conduct, lots of individuals and organizations will benefit from it. Moreover, there is no time like now for such kinds of moves especially considering just how first the gambling sector is growing.