Casino 2000, the only legal gambling establishment in Luxembourg has finally gained responsible gambling certification after having been ascertained to have met the requirements of the European Casino Association’s (ECA) Responsible Gambling Framework. The casino is the latest gaming establishment to achieve the feat following an independent audit of the organization that was conducted by the Global Guidance Group.

The audit was designed to ensure that the gambling establishment is acting in line with the latest standards in responsible gambling for the licenses land-based gaming industry in Europe. It is now among a host of other ECA members that were certified as per the terms of the 2018 framework – these included the Grand Casino Beograd in Serbia, Spielbanken Baden-Württemberg in Germany, Casinos Austria as well as the Casino Cosmopol. A host of other casinos are also currently undergoing the certification process and it is anticipated that a decent number of them will eventually receive the certification.

The Framework

Casino 2000 has proven that it is more than willing to abide by the latest levels of excellence in responsible gambling for the licensed and regulated gaming industry. The casino was already successfully audited on previous versions of the ECA standard which were just updated at the beginning of 2018. The ECA framework was designed to create an industry standard for the “effective management of responsible gambling” which can then be applied across a wide range of areas including employee training, stakeholder engagement, and management as well awareness campaigns.

The European Casino Associations’ certification which, according to the standard, is exclusive to its members, is widely sought after primarily because it has been developed over an extended period of time with “input and leadership of eminent researchers in the field of gambling addiction”.

It came as a little of a surprise that Casino 2000 got the certification and this is mainly because the gaming establishment has successfully applied the ECA’s Responsible Gambling Framework since it was formed back in 2013.

“It is crucial for me and the entire team that our gambling products are provided in a socially responsible way to our customers,” Guido Berghmans, the director general of Casino 2000, said.

Responsible gambling in Europe has been gaining a lot of attention over the past few years with organizations like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) and many other organizations taking tremendous steps towards ensuring it. Aside from gambling addiction, some of the things that these organizations hope to combat are money laundering and financial terrorism with the main aim being to make the gaming industry safe and secure for both consumers and the operators.