In a bid to farther its corporate social responsibility and responsible initiatives, renowned gaming operator Betsson Group has launched a new website. The microsite which is available at is set to help the company to continue advancing its responsible gambling agenda that kicked off awhile back.

The site consists of three distinct sections and each of these sections is concerned with addressing specific issues. These three sections are quite explicit in the way they detail the issues that Betsson will be addressing. They include:

Responsible Gambling

This section is concerned with Betsson’s efforts when it comes to protecting its customers especially those that are at risk of any form of gambling-related harm. The company provides meaningful information on its safer gambling inventory and showcases how it utilizes various resources to identify vulnerable customers.

Some of the resources listed in this section include tools for the players as well as handy tips that help the customers to steer clear of falling into the abyss of problem gambling. There is also information regarding the measures taken to ensure that these customers receive the best possible help.

Local Community Engagement

The second section primarily deals with information regarding the gaming operator’s community-led social directives. Most of the initiatives have already been implemented in several key markets and players can see just how effective they have been.


Section three is all about the company’s corporate mandate of promoting various sports through partnerships. The goal is to not only improve standards but also make it easier for the community to access sports-related resources.

According to Jesper Svensson, the CEO of Betsson Operations, all of the ambitious plans that the company has can definitely be achieved if every single member of the community they are trying to reach out to participate in one way or the other. This way, the impact can be huge and beneficial to nearly everyone.

“We have always been at the forefront of RG and CSR and with this new website we are offering complete transparency in terms of social impact initiatives that we’re part of and hope that by doing so, others will follow suit,” the CEO commented.

Responsible gambling initiatives have gotten so much bigger over the past year thanks in part to tighter regulations by various regulatory bodies and intense lobbying from responsible gambling campaigners. Still, the fact that companies like Betsson are doing much more than the bare minimum in order to protect consumers is very commendable. Hopefully, other gaming companies will do the same.